Chiro Kids

Missing out on sleep because your little one is keeping you awake?

Aspire Chiropractic offers support to new parents and their babies as they adapt to their new world.


We know kids live a busy life with a packed schedule.  Stressors such as lack of sleep, not eating healthy, repetitive motions, bad posture, learning to ride a bike or a sports injury build up and make it more difficult for their bodies to adapt and overcome.  This is like a gas pedal being stuck on in our nervous system.



Infants may benefit from chiropractic care at a very young age. Their spine provides protection to the nervous system. The brain, spinal cord and spinal nerves are related to your child's immune, digestive and respiratory systems.

Symptoms that your newborn may experience are:

          • a tilted head position
          • favoring looking to one side
          • torticollis
          • difficulty breastfeeding
          • sleep disturbances
          • Stiffness or tightness in muscles
          • not wanting to lay on their back
          • arching their back




As a child grows, their spine continues to change as they learn to crawl, walk, run, play or become involved in sports. Any bumps or falls can create joint dysfunction and nerve irritation in children.

This may present as:

                • growing pains
                • headaches
                • difficulty sleeping
                • bedwetting
                • sports injuries
                • poor posture

Chiropractic care may remove this interference, decrease pain and may stimulate the immune system to enhance your child's health.

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